God's Blessings

God’s blessings, they are yours
Became yours when you got saved
He has even made a place for you
Where the streets are goldenly paved

A feast, it has been prepared
With every food that you love
You and all of the other saints
At the banquet table up above

The cattle on a thousand hills
Are yours by believing and asking
His blessings, come tumbling down
As in His favor, you are basking

Healing became available to you
When Jesus suffered that beating
Loves you so much that sickness
He took a part in its defeating

Living a life of doing without
Is something you don’t have to do
In His word are all the answers
How to do it, He gives us clues

The key to being earthly blessed
Is one that everyone can obtain
All it takes is a penitent heart
And all of His blessings you’ll gain

To reap all of God’s promises
And live your life like a king
You must repent, ask forgiveness
Accept Jesus and to Him, you cling

Like a shower, His blessings flow
An abundant life you will live
Satan will try to destroy you
Over him God’s power He gives

On His throne, He patiently waits
For the day that we come home
The battle will be over the victory won
Our name is written in His tome

Monday, June 20, 2022