A Wounded Heart

A wounded hard cries in the darkness
“God! Please take away this pain!”
Sometimes she wonders can she go on
As she tearfully prays again and again

For her heart is crushed and in pieces
And she’s not sure just what to do
For now, she’s built a protective wall
While searching for life’s many clues

Having been married twice, she’s lonely
And has never experienced true love
Neglect from her parents and husbands
Nurtures hurt that fits tight like a glove

Stress in her life has been constant
With health problems as her reward
She wonders can she ever trust again
How much more hurt can she afford

I can somehow feel her spirit cry out
“Please God! What about me?”
Obviously life hasn’t been very fair
As her physical pain is so easy to see

I wish that I knew a way to help her
Relieve the crushing of her soul
Restore the trust that she’s lacking
And once again make her heart whole

But for now all I can do is pray
And ask God for a miracle from above
“God, hold her tightly in your arms
And shower her with your love.”

Tuesday, June 21, 2022