A Gentle Act Of Kindness

It was just a gentle act of kindness
That propelled the man to unwanted fame
The miraculous acts of this gentle one
The Master, Messiah, Jesus, His name

His coming had been prophesied for ages
He was to become the newborn King
He acted with the meekest humility
Ministered to the sick, healing He’d bring

Everywhere the Messiah planted His foot
His acts have been recorded, what He did
He cast out demons, healed the lepers
Doing His Father’s business, He was bid

He raised a follower after four days dead
Showed kindness to a tax collector
In an act of rage emptied the temple
Scattering merchants and money lenders

He did an act of outstanding multiplication
With a few fish and loaves of bread
Jairus, a Capernaum leader sought Him out
Jesus raised his daughter from the dead

He gathered a group of social outcasts
And taught them to act only in His name
They spread His Word throughout the world
Of His Gospel, they were not ashamed

There is yet another act He lovingly did
An act of self-sacrifice and personal cost
He willingly gave His most precious blood
For our sins, He died on that rugged cross

Tuesday, June 21, 2022