The Angry Bees

Like angry bees they flew by
While he was falling into line
The morning march was brutal
But right now he felt just fine

An angry bee hit his neighbor
He dropped in a pool of blood
The bee; was a lead minie ball
Released a red crimson flood

Ahead he could see flashes
Knew more bees would come
He knew while standing there
The odds were he’d succumb

The order to march, it came
To drum beats, he stepped off
Into death’s face, he went
Heard bullets strike, dying coughs

He watched as his friends fell
They closed up the ranks
For every safe step he took
He gave the Lord his thanks

“Lock bayonets” came the order
His quickly went into place
By now he was close enough
He could see the enemy’s face

Into a hastily dug slit trench
He leaped and met his foe
Lunged forward with his bayonet
Into a man he didn’t know

In return, he felt the cold steel
Going deep between his ribs
The outcome of this encounter
It was entirely up for dibs

He knew that his time was up
And his maker he’d soon see
Blood gushed from his body
In a slit trench in Tennessee

As his life, it seeped, ebbed away
And his eyes, they grew very dim
In his mind, he could suddenly see
The most glorious image of Him

Jesus, He was calling him
“You’re tired, come on home”
“Your Earthly days are over”
“Golden streets with me roam”

Before he died he clearly saw
The Earthly battle had been won
With peace of mind he began
An eternity with God’s Son

Friday, June 17, 2022