A Disgusting
Piece Of Meat!

You will find them in a jar
A disgusting piece of meat
Something I can do without
Those nasty pickled pig’s feet

Considering where those feet have been
It tends to make me shudder
Especially when I’m with my friends
And they offer me another

They know I can’t stand them
The sight of them makes me gag
Sometimes they try to trick me
Will hand me a suspicious bag

Take a whiff I will cautiously do
Then I’ll throw that bag away
Then get angry with my friends
And vow revenge someday

I will get them some pig’s feet
And doctor them up I will
Their guts had better be cast iron
Their cries of pain will be shrill

Their mouths will burn like fire
Using the toilet they will cry
Sometimes paybacks are brutal
Something they surely can’t deny!

Tuesday, June 14, 2022