A Willing Vessel

The old man quietly sat
Pen and paper in his lap
He knew that if he waited
Into Almighty God, he would tap

While he waited it slowly began
Into his mind, God’s words formed
To the paper, he’s pen went
To begin an instructive storm

His hand? It became God’s
As the words began to flow
The subject matter? He never knew
For only God would know

It might be something uplifting
Or something to make you cry
Maybe a lesson to be learned
God’s Word would not be denied

The old man was always amazed
At the things that God wrote
Of things he couldn’t understand
While on others he would dote

The old man often wondered
Why God had chosen him
An elderly mortal man he was
Whose eyes were growing dim

God always uses the least likely
To get His Holy Word out
The old man? He was humbled
In him, God, He had no doubt

Every day he quietly sits and waits
Always anxious to hear God’s voice
When He comes he pays attention
Because he was his God’s choice

For inside it makes him happy
That through him God writes
That God sees a willing vessel
Who is precious in His sight

Thursday, June 16, 2022