Dealing With Pain

The human race is a desperate bunch
When it comes to dealing with pain
They rub on this, swallow some of that
With relief being their hoped-for gain

The drug companies are working overtime
Touting their supposed miracle cures
But the only thing they’ve accomplished
Is emptying your wallet, that’s for sure

Now pain comes in so many forms
Both physical and mental to the extreme
And no matter what you suffer with
It can be enough to make you scream!

For women, the agony of childbirth
It’s the most painful thing they’ll do
From the onset of labor to delivery
A man doesn’t have the slightest clue

But give a man some kidney stones
An abscessed tooth, prostate raging hot
An ingrown toenail all at the same time
His cure? He might as well be shot!

Tuesday, June 21, 2022