Just In Time


The moon was high in the sky

When he heard the coyote yelp

He instantly knew what it was

His family was alone with no help

To a shutter, he immediately went

Old Joe was lying on his side

An arrow was in clear sight

He knew that Old Joe was dead

He woke his wife and his sons

Loaded the guns by fireplace light

He had no doubt what was coming

For their lives, they’d have to fight

They were twenty miles from town

Their nearest neighbor, ten miles away

If they were to survive the night

Then they desperately needed to pray

They barricaded the heavy cabin door

By the windows took their place

Shutters were closed, the rifle slots open

Had grim looks on each face

They watched as the barn was lit

Saw their stock burn to their dismay

Heard the bawls of their milk cow

As it roasted amidst the burning hay

In the moonlight, they saw movement

Saw figures creeping their way

Taking aim, they began to fire

Intending to make the Comanches pay

There were too many, this they knew

And it was only a matter of time

They knew the door would be breached

They’d be victims of Comanche crime

They were huddled in a far corner

Were prepared to forfeit their lives

Shotguns were loaded with buckshot

Their last resort would be their knives

The door was about to cave in

The women began to sob and cry

The men placed themselves in front

They would be the first to die

Above the shrieks, they heard gunshots

Then the thunder of hooves outside

The Comanches began to slip away

Taking their wounded, those who died

In the barnyard were Texas Rangers

They had been out on routine patrol

They saw the fire and came running

Hoping in time to save their souls

Gathering around, they thanked the men

Then on their knees, thanked the Lord

He had heard their prayer just in time

Sent them help against the savage horde

Thursday, November 3, 2022