Going On Vacation

Vacation time can be a chore
And I think that you’ll agree
Preparations have been made
An endless list it seems to me

Stop the mail, pay the bills
And empty out the fridge
Change the oil in the truck
Numerous tasks I must bridge

Have the police watch the house
Put the lights on a timer
So much I have to remember
I’m glad I don’t have Alzheimer’s

Got all of my medicine ready
Suitcases are packed, ready to go
Where I’m going to put it all
I scratch my head, I don’t know

The dog’s been to the groomer
Food, bowls, carrier, and bed
I must find a place for it all
Putting this puzzle together I dread

It seems we always take too much
Practically everything we own
The truck is sagging, overloaded
The kitchen sink must stay home!

Tuesday, June 21, 2022