Being A Clown

Sammy sat before the mirror
On his face, cold cream went
Then a coat of white greasepaint
To shine while inside the tent

On his nose he placed another
One of huge proportions, red
From a stand he took a wig
Neon yellow; put it on his head

A beanie with two propellers
Topped the costume that he wore
Pulled suspenders over his shoulders
Like he so many times before

Oversize trousers, pink and purple
His shirt, teal green, and white
On his feet, size 24 sneakers
He was ready to face the night

Into a caravan, he quickly stepped
Of others in their garish attire
They checked each other for boo boos
Knowing they’d be loved, admired

Into the big top, they ran amok
Causing children to laugh or scream
Doing their best to entertain
Fulfill all their lifelong dreams

To be a clown isn’t very easy
And to clown university, many go
There they learn a valuable thing
How to bring joy to the show

To be a clown is truly a passion
Just like anything that you do
So, remember when you see a clown
He’s sharing his passion with you

Friday, June 17, 2022