My Bucket List

We all have seen the movie
And dreamt of things to do
From climbing Mount Everest
To touring Timbuktu

Museums may top your list
Battlefields for some others
Major League ball diamonds
Snorkeling beside one another

Running with bulls at Pamplona
Driving an Indy 500 car
Hot air balloon the Serengeti
Sample moonshine from a jar

Meet your favorite movie star
Jump out of an airplane
Kill that monster whitetail
Be the engineer on a train

Win “America’s Got Talent”
Watch the ball drop on New Year’s eve
Sing a duet with Dolly Parton
Frame the diploma you’ve received

Tour all of the National Parks
Is at the top of my list
To take in our country’s beauty
Is something I can’t resist

So, fill out your bucket list
Check them off, one by one
Enjoy the euphoria of accomplishment
When your list is finally done

Tuesday, June 21, 2022