Darn The Luck!

From behind the bushes it watched
Making sure that it kept hidden
The nighttime, it was their domain
It did whatever it was bidden

The creatures that it was watching
Always made it silently grin
They always did the dumbest things
He could smell them, being downwind

They would stop, knock a tree
Then one of them would scream
Pointed objects toward the woods
It easily saw the light beams

It decided to have some fun
It knew exactly what to do
It threw a big rock at them
Then it scampered out of view

Behind the creatures, his brother howled
So close the creatures cried out
Its mother threw a chunk of wood
The creatures took off with a shout

It followed them to the wood’s edge
Bounced a rock off their truck
Its evening’s entertainment was over
They escaped! Darn the luck!

Friday, June 17, 2022